BBD: Strange to play at 0-9

Still playing for something when you have lost nine games was strange, according to Brian Braun-Duin, but he didn't give up, and it paid off.

Brian Braun-Duin had a terrible start to the MPL League Weekend, where he lost the first nine games, but he rallied back and got three wins after he corrected some mistakes.

"It's very strange to be playing in an event where you're 0-9 but still competing, and there's still something to be achieved by winning matches. It's very easy to give up mentally in that spot, to lose faith in your deck, and your ability to pilot it, and stop bothering to try your hardest to find winning lines," Braun-Duin tells

"I lost some earlier matches to making mistakes, both in gameplay and with the Arena client. I timed out in one where I was probably winning and lost major equity in a few others by not having the right stops set or miscounting mana, and so forth."

"I felt that with better play and better mechanics, I could have won some of those matches, and I resolved to do better in the remaining ones, and I felt like I did play a lot better and cleaner in the last three rounds," he concludes.

Braun-Duin wasn't the only player struggling to win with Azorious Yorion, Andrew Cuneo and Christopher Kvartek also went 3-9 with the deck, and Piotr Glogowski only managed to get two wins.

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