Demonic Tutor seller: Will enjoy retirement

Len Osborne sold five original art Alpha pointings yesterday for a combined $483,600 before fees, a hundredfold increase of his investment.

Demonic Tutor is now the most expensive piece of original Magic art sold, after it yesterday went for $168,000 at an auction, beating Shahrazad's $72,000 sale from July 2018.

On the MtG Art Market-group on Facebook, people were surprised the Tutor didn't go higher, claiming offers up to $250,000 was made prior, but the seller Len Osborne debunks that.

"No, I had no offers approaching what you are saying, that is why they ended up on Heritage Auctions," Osborne writes.

The $168,000 for Demonic Tutor and $483,600 combined for the five paintings were enough to make the seller happy.

"Did the artwork sell for as much as I hoped it would? Not quite. Did my $4,000 investment from ten years ago increase a hundredfold? Yes, it did, so why would I be upset? For me, I'm just going to enjoy retirement," Osborne said.

At the auction, Jayemdae Tome sold for $114,000, Mana Flare sold for $78,000, Contract from Below sold for $78,000, and Fear sold for $45,600.

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