The conversation on stream, that let to Petersen's disqualification

Eternal Weekend-winner disqualified

Andreas Petersen got disqualified as Eternal Weekend-winner after being caught bribing an opponent. David Lance is the winner.

At first glance, Andreas Petersen won the Vintage Eternal Weekend Mishra's Workshop-event. Last week, though, screenshots from a stream showed Petersen appear to accept bribing his Round 10 opponent Franco Cicchini to scoop him into Top8.

Petersen afterward praised Cicchini on Twitter for being a 'nice buy,' but since his celebration of winning the event, both players have gone silent on Twitter.

So far, no official statement has been made on Petersen's disqualification, but third-place finisher Brian Coval has shared an email from Wizards of the Coast, confirming that a player ahead of him in the standing is disqualified, and Coval's prizes winnings are increased.

Therefore, the initial second-place finisher David Lance is now the winner of Eternal Weekend: Workshop, playing Workshop.

Update: David Lance confirms he is the winner.

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