Lurrus of the Dream-Den by Slawomir Maniak

Kassis expects Gruul and Rogues

Rivals League-member Eli Kassis is expecting a meta dominated by Gruul and Rogues in the upcoming League Weekend.

Eli Kassis had a strong start to the Rivals League, winning eight of his twelve matches with Dimir Rogues, leaving him satisfied with the results.

"Very happy, my family even celebrated after Week 1," Kassis told

Azorious Yorion and Dimir Rogues were the most popular decks in Week 1. While Kassis and Rogues did well, for Yorion, it was a very different story, and it will impact the deck choices this weekend, according to Kassis.

"I think it affects things greatly. My guess is many will default to Gruul this weekend. I'm sticking with Rogues but a very different build. I expect 35% Gruul, 20% Rogues, 10% Yorion control, 10% Food variants, 10% Esper doom, and 15% brews," Kassis predicts.

Dimir Rogues showed up in two very different variants in the first weekend, one version running Lurrus of the Dream-Den as a Companion, which Kassis brought, and a version with main deck Shark Typhoons instead.

Kassis has a feature-match in round three on Saturday against Jacob Wilson, and you can watch him stream all his matches from November 7th at 4:00 PM and November 8th at 4:00 PM on Twitch .

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