Randy Buehler shares information about the MOCS competitors

Larsen and Martin with dominating stats

Christoffer Larsen and Maxime Martin are the MOCS competitors with the highest overall win rates. Kim Strøh and Francesco Giresi lead Modern.

Hall of Famer Randy Buehler produces the first season of the 2020 Magic Online Champions Showcase this Saturday, and before the event, he has shared stats for the players competing.

With almost nineteen thousand matches across all formats played on Magic Online, Maxime Martin is by a significant margin the most active player, followed by Christoffer Larsen, who approaches ten thousand matches.

Martin and Larsen also have the best combined win rates in the formats played this Saturday, Modern and Limited.

In Modern specifically, Kim Strøh, who won the Modern Showcase, has the best win rate at 64,1%, narrowly followed by Pauper winner Francesco Giresi.

Name Modern Modern % Limited Limited % Combined %
Christoffer Larsen 476 61,1% 6,343 68,3% 67,8%
Maxime Martin 5,146 61,9% 5,834 68,0% 65,1%
Kazuya Takuwa 192 57,3% 999 63,8% 62,8%
Kim Strøh 996 64,1% 351 58,7% 62,7%
Francesco Giresi 2,937 63,3% 1,079 59,6% 62,3%
Nicholas Price 210 59,5% 3,048 60,6% 60,5%
Gerardo D'Elia 1508 59,8% 714 61,1% 60,2%
Newton Hang 115 50,4% 33 42,4% 48,6%

You can follow coverage November 28th at 6:00 PM at Twitch , with casting from Maria Bartholdi, Cedric Phillips, Eilidh Lonie, Emma Handy, and Jessica Estephan.

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