LSV hyped for the Zendikar Rising Championship

Luis Scott-Vargas is a Pro Tour winner and is in the Magic Hall of Fame, and he is hyped for competing in the Zendikar Rising Championship this weekend!

Prior to the introduction of the Magic Pro League (MPL) and Rivals, Pro Tours were the top-tier Magic events, sans the World Championship. Luis Scott-Vargas feels that the Zendikar Rising Championship comes close to the feeling of Pro Tours: "I’m pretty hyped for the Zendikar Champs this weekend - it feels more like a PT than most of this new wave of tournaments, and I’m excited to play in it," he writes on Twitter.

Leading Rivals, Scott-Vargas is in a great spot for both MPL promotion and World Championship qualification. He can expand his lead with a strong performance in the Zendikar Rising Championship.

His decks of choice are Esper in Standard and Sultai in Historic, as Seth Manfield. Following the release of the metagame, Scott-Vargas tweeted that he "feels pretty good about those choices."

Follow Scott-Vargas, Manfield, and the rest of the field December 4th at 5:00 PM on .

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