Manfield feels fine brings Esper and Sultai

Seth Manfield, the most dominant player in Magic over the past five years, is bringing Esper and Sultai for the Zendikar Rising Championship.

Manfield kicked off the Magic Pro League (MPL) season playing Rouges and Gruul Adventures in Standard. Earlier this week, Manfield touted Mono-Green Food as the possible best deck . In the end, he went in a fouth direction for the Zendikar Rising Championship.

It will be Esper with the power of Yorion and Doom Foretold he will bring to the Standard portion of the tournament. In Historic Manfield has picked up Sultai Ramp, as his tournament teammate Gabriel Nassif. Following the metagame breakdown, Manfield feels fine about his choices.

Manfield is currently shared-sixth in the Magic Pro League standings, and gathering more points this weekend can bring him into the coveted Top 4. Follow his persuit live over the weekend, starting December 4th at 5:00 PM on .

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