Emeria, Shattered Skyclave by Matt Stewart

Mythic MDFC's doesn't impress Levy

Raphaël Lévy has not been impressed by the Mythic Modal Double-faced lands. Three life is too much for the upside, according to the Frenchman.

Zendikar Rising introduced a new type of Modal Double-faced cards (MDFC's), cards with lands printed on the backside, to give flexibility.

The cards have been popular inclusions in Standard-lists, especially the Mythic cycle, that allow you to pay three lives to have them come into play untapped.

The price to pay, compared to the upside you get, is too high, according to the Hall of Famer Raphaël Lévy.

"You'll find Emeria's Call as a 4-of in most Azorius list, but in my experience of double/triple-digit games with Yorion decks, the two Angel tokens were never relevant. Not a single time," Levy writes on Hareruyamtg .

"However, I lost a lot of life having them come into the battlefield untapped. From 4 to 0, the easiest cut I made in my life. We're playing less basic lands, so the Castle Ardenvale, that I'm not a big fan of either, would come into play tapped even more often."

Levy's Jeskai Yorion-deck brought him seven out of 12 possible wins in the weekend, a significantly better performance than the Azorious version, which had a 27% win-rate.

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