Nassif and Da Rosa takes MPL lead

The Magic Pro League table was shaken up as competitors earned up to four points from the Zendikar Rising Championship.

Prior to the Zendikar Rising Championship Rei Sato was in the lone MPL lead on 16 points, but failing to make day two saw him drop to shared fourth place.

Gabriel Nassif qualified for the Top 8 and earned four points bringing him to 18, while Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa's 11 wins earned him three, tying him with Nassif.

Other big winners include Brad Nelson and Autumn Burchett as their Top 8 participation sees them jump seven spots each, bringing Burchett to seventh and Nelson to shared-eight.

This rounds out the first-third of the MPL season, so there are still plenty of chances for competitors to earn more points. The Top 4 qualifies directly for the Magic World Championship, the most prestigious event of the year.

Full standings are available here , courtesy of Ball Lightning, Ph.D.

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