Nassif to repeat Top 8 with Food and Sultai

With Top 8 finishes in three of the last four top events, Gabriel Nassif is among the odds-on favorites for the Zendikar Rising Championship. He will bring Food in Standard and Sultai in Historic for his run.

It is ten years since Nassif entered the Magic Hall of Fame, but he is better than ever. Finishing 3rd in Grand Finals, 2nd in Mythic Invitational, and 3rd in Players Tour Online 4, nobody has been more consistent the past six months.

During Episode 57 of the Midweek Metagame podcast, he revealed his deck choices for the Zendikar Rising Championship this weekend.

In Standard, he will bring Mono-Green Food as he considers it the best deck, beating even cards that should be good against it like Extinction Event.

His test-team brought in Seth Manfield for the tournament, and Nassif ends up playing Sultai Ramp on his recommendation in Historic. They decided to play Castle Locthwain and stay three colors at the expense of Yasharn, Implacable Earth as Jund and Rakdos sacrifice has adapted to the 4-color version.

Will Nassif make it to another Top 8 this weekend and go all the way? Follow him and the rest of the field starting December 4th at 5:00 PM on .

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