Pros: The LATAM prize pool too top-heavy

The LATAM Challange prize pool was too top-heavy, according to Patrick Fernandes and Guilherme Merjam.

The past two weekends, 1557 players competed to get their share of the $45,000 prize pool in the entry-free LATAM Challenge.

The money, however, is shared only amongst the Top 8. That's the wrong way to share the prize pool, according to Grand Finals Top 8-competitor Patrick Fernandes.

"The division of the awards was very bad. Super top-heavy causing many players who used their entire weekend at the event to leave empty-handed, a horrible feeling, by the way," Fernandes writes on Twitter.

The Brazilian finished 12-4, and his countryman Guilherme Merjam seems to share his feelings.

"After three days of lots of matches and troubles, probably putting in 30 hours in total, I finished 15th in the tournament with a solid 13-3, and got no prizes," the Pro-player writes, followed by two clown-emojis.

After round 15, the Top 8 players all had at least three points to the rest of the field, making it possible for them to intentionally draw the last round, with no players being out of Top 8 on tiebreakers.

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