Rivals go Rogue and Blink

More than a third of the Rivals registred Dimir Rogues, but blink strategies with Yorion is the most popular, with 18 out of 47 players registering the Bird Serpent.

The decklists for the League Weekend are published, and as it was the case with the decklists from the MPL members, Dimir Rogues is the most popular deck.

Blink strategies with Yorion, Sky Nomad are even more popular, ranging from Abzan and Mardu Doom versions to Azorius, Bant, and Jeskai.

John Rolf and Luca Magni are bringing control-decks, while Kenji Egashira is the lone player registering Selesnya Adventures. You can see all 47 decklists here .

All competitors will stream their matches, with 10 minute delay, starting from October 24th at 3:00 PM and October 25th at 3:00 PM .

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