Romão satisfied with start

The goal for Carlos Romão is to keep Top 4 in range throughout the season, and so far, it's going well.

Carlos Romão has had an excellent start to the MPL season, picking up 13 wins in 23 matches, placing him just outside the important Top 4, securing a Worlds spot.

"I am very happy with my start. I believe the goal is to stay close to the top of the leaderboard, so I always have a chance to be Top 4 until the last tournament," Romão tells

He has been a part of the Magic Pro League since it's inception, but with a brand new format for the league this season, it's hard to set expectations.

"This is the first time we play a league under these rules, so it is pretty hard to do any kind of prediction. So far, the only hope I have is not to get mana flooded or screwed during the league plays," he says.

The Brazilian was the first South American to win the World Championships when he took the title in 2002 in Sydney with Psychatog.

Next week, he is among the more than 180 players competing in the Zendikar Rising Championship.

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