Strasky wins CFB Pro Showdown

Czech MPL competitor Ondřej Stráský won the October edition of CFB Pro Showdown with Selesnya Yorion. Stráský did, however, lose to the End Boss Luis-Scott Vargas.

Channel Fireball's monthly tournament CFB Pro Showdown, is a free single-elimination tournament for their Pro Subscribers, with USD 1,000 store credit on the line.

267 players participated in the October edition, with MPL competitor Ondrej Strasky winning the tournament going 9-0 with his Selesnya deck , featuring four main-deck copies of Yorion, Sky Nomad.

After winning the tournament, Stráský had a chance to double the prizes shared amongst Top 8 by defeating End Boss Luis-Scott Vargas. LSVs 80-card Azorious deck , with three main-deck Yorions and the last as Companion, proved too challenging, and Stráský lost to the Rivals-member.

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