Blood Moon by Franz Vohwinkel

Takuwa: Had no fear

Despite not winning matches in the Modern pod, Takuwa wasn't afraid going into the Modern-final against Francesco Giresi's Omnath Control.

Kazuya Takuwa qualified for the 2020 Magic Online Champions Showcase through Limited and won the Draft portion of the MOCS by beating Maxime Martin in the finals.

That qualified him against Francesco Giresi's Omnath Control in the finals, a deck he felt good against facing, with his four main deck Blood Moons.

"I had copied my decklist from MHayashi, and after testing it, I felt Blood Moons is the best card right now. It gave me easy wins against the Uro Piles, so I had no fear," Takuwa tells after his victory.

MHayashi has been putting up excellent results with the decklist on Magic Online, picking up 32 perfect 5-0 League runs this season, sharing his matches on Youtube .

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