Takuwa wins Champions Showcase

Kazuya Takuwa is the Season 1 Showcase Champion after taking down Francesco Giresi I the finals.

The first Champion of the new Magic Online Championship Showcase is Japanese Kazuya Takuwa, who overcame Modern to win $20,000.

Takuwa 3-0'ed the Limited portion of the MOCS before going 0-3 in the Modern part, which Francesco Giresi 3-0'ed.

Before the tournament, Takuwa told manaecho.com he had no confidence in Modern, and after dropping all matches in the pod, he wasn't the favorite against Giresi.

However, his Mono-red Burn deck pulled through when needed. A timely Lava Dart gave Takuwa enough prowess triggers to take down the Italian and claim the victory.

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