The Walk Dead the most popular Secret Lair to date

While the Walk Dead Secret Lair was controversial, it was also selling a lot, so more similar Secret Lairs are expected in the future.

Wizards of the Coast have revealed that the Walk Dead Secret Lair is the best-selling Secret Lair to date, according to Product Architect Mark Heggen.

"The Walk Dead drop was one of the more experimental things we've ever done. We've learned so much from it. It was the one we've paid the most attention to feedback from and had the most conversations about within the building," Heggen says on Weekly MTG.

"We know it was not popular with everyone. We know some people were not fans of that product. We also know it was our best selling Secret Lair drop to date. It wasn't just people stockpiling them. It was people buying one or two copies."

"We had the most new costumers to Secret Lair ever, the most new to Magic customers for a Secret Lair drop. We reached out to a lot of customers, for which this was the first Magic cards they own."

Heggen believes Wizards will continue to experiment in the crossover space in the future since the release was very effective in creating what they think is tomorrow's Magic-players.

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