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We are happy to welcome you to manaecho.com, a website dedicated to the best game in the world, Magic: the Gathering.

Magic recently got crowned as the world's most complex game , but Magic is much more than just a game. Magic is for the players, the collectors, the aesthetes, for the deeply enfranchised, and the people just dipping their toes.

Magic is a creative outlet, a bottomless well of puzzles to be solved, and ways to combine the more than 20,000 unique cards existing.

Magic is a community, a social hobby that brings people together. Even in the current times, Magic creates the Gathering. It is a language of its own, which lets people who don't share a spoken language interact.

Magic is history. Created by Dr. Richard Garfield and released more than 27 years ago, as the first modern trading card game. It still holds the throne as the most popular.

Magic is the future. The game is growing faster than ever, with more than 35 million players worldwide. New players are joining every day, and old players are coming back. You never really quit Magic.

But, most importantly of all, Magic is just really, really fun.

We will be sharing news about it all, from the kitchen table to the Magic Pro League. The game creators to the players, the prices, the streamers, the metagame, the brewers, the collectors, and the game stores.

Welcome to manaecho.com!

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