Zendikar Rising Championship Top 8 decided

After 15 rounds of play over two days, the Top 8 competitors of the Zendikar Rising Championship have been found.

The Top 8 format is double-elimination Historic, with the Championship Match being Historic and Standard.

In the first Quater Final top-seed Autumn Burchett playing Goblins takes on Andrea Mengucci on Four-Color Midrange. The players met in the swiss portion where Burchett claimed a 2-0 victory, in part thanks to a 5-goblin hit off Muxus.

Gabriel Nassif is making an unbelievable fourth Top 8 in five top-level events. He is playing Temur Midrange and is facing Tomas Pokorny on Four-Color Midrange - a near-mirror match.

Brad Barclays Azorius Control beat Luca Magnis Four-Color Midrange in round 3, and the Quater Finals sees Magni getting a chance for revenge. Barclay aced the Historic portion with a clean 8-0 record, despite an off-the-radar deck choice.

The final Quater Final match is between Brad Nelson and Jan-Moritz Merkel. The matchup will be another Sultai Midrange against 4-Color Midrange near-mirror, with Nelson playing the 4-Color Midrange deck.

All the Top 8 action is broadcasted December 6th at 5:00 PM on twitch.tv/magic .

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